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                                                                                                      Winter 2014

Here's to a profitable and successful new year!

2013 is over and done. It's time to recall all of the good memories with friends, family and great finds.  It's also a time to reflect on those experiences, good and bad, that will add to our character and make us better friends, relatives and business people.

Here at PaleoBOND we're reviewing the feedback and comments that we've received over the past year. Your opinions matter to us.

Visit us in Tucson at the 22nd Street Show.
Bill Mason will be there to answer questions for you!

Tracie and Bill are continuing to work on the catalog/user guide for PaleoBOND products.  Your feedback is crucial to helping with this project. Please email your experiences and feedback on products to

We're continuing to update and improve the web site and would love to share your stories and photos.  If you have a great photo showing PaleoBOND products and YOU, please email it to us!

The PaleoBOND Crew
   Bill Mason and Team PaleoBOND

     -Kristen, John, Tracie, Sonja, Molly, Pete, Mia and Owen

John, Tracie and Bill had a chance to visit with the Meteorite Men 
at the 2013 Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show.


PaleoBOND is a line of products that has been created specifically
to aid in fossil collection, preparation and preservation. 
The stabilizers and adhesives have been developed and tested
in the field by paleontologists for paleontologists. 
With Paleo
BOND, you always have the assurance that the products
you are using have been made by people who care
as much about fossil recovery as you do.

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