The current batch of microtips fit really tight on the application bottle nipples.

One way to make a better fit (if you try to force them on, they'll usually split) is to take a match or lighter and warm up the end of the tip before sliding it on the bottle nipple. This little bit will make a much better fit for your microtips!

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PaleoBOND products may be shipped worldwide. Shipping restrictions do apply for debonder and activators.

Bill Mason developed PaleoBOND over 30 years ago to solve a problem.  That problem solving developed into the leading adhesive for use on fossils, minerals, meteorites, jewelry and more.  Preserve the Past with the highest quality products available on the market today, only from PaleoBOND.

PaleoBOND offers only  top-of-the-line structural adhesive and penetrant stabilizer  for fossils, minerals, jewelry, aquariums and more. Meteorites, too!

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it's priceless.