PB505 cured adhesive remover

PB505 Cured Adhesive Remover works best where there is a thin layer of adhesive.  If you are dealing with a thick layer, use an airscribe to remove as much as possible before using PB505.

1. Paint the layer of adhesive with PB505.
2. Apply a couple of layers of paper toweling saturated with PB505.
3. Cover this with aluminum foil to slow down evaporation.
4. If thick, wait several hours while the PB505 dissolves the adhesive and the paper toweling absorbs the adhesive via capillary action.  A thin coating will dissolve much more rapidly.
5. If it has sat long enough, you will be able to remove the paper toweling without much trouble.
6. Go to a sink and wash away any residue.
7. Dry completely.
8. Be sure all of the PB505 has been washed away before proceeding with applying any PaleoBOND Adhesives or Penetrant and Stabilizer.

Water based, non-flammable, water clean-up.  No odor.  Dissolves all instant type of super glues from hands, fossils, minerals and clothing.



PB400 was designed to take adhesive off your fingers.  No more picking the stuff off! This product dissolves cured adhesive with ease.  
It also removes cured adhesive from fossils and minerals.  Comes in 1 oz. or 8 oz. containers.  This item is flammable and cannot be shipped by air, so it is available for shipping ONLY in the continental United States.