Why a getting started kit?  The art and practice of preparing and restoring fossil remains and minerals requires new state-of-the-art materials and PaleoBOND will get you started on the right track.  You also have technical experience as close as your telephone or hands-on guidance by our experienced distributors. 

Let’s get acquainted with each kit.  There are eleven (11) containers plus tips and a catalog/user guide in each kit.


This is the workhorse of the PaleoBOND family.  It is a primer for other adhesives in the kit, as it stabilizes your material BEFORE you make a repair or start cutting.  It penetrates deep into the vascular system of a fossil bone or mineral.  It fills micro cracks, strengthening the entire fossil or mineral structure.  It captures punky, weak fossil material and hardens it in minutes.  Same with fragile mineral matrix. This will become your favorite adhesive tool!

These are the high strength adhesives used when you bond your fossils back together.  Each adhesive has a different thickness (viscosity/centipoises); the higher the number, the thicker the adhesive.  You need a strong adhesive to make up the difference of error between the two opposing surfaces you intend to bond together.  The gel adhesive was designed to bridge serious gaps where you need serious strength.  Whichever adhesive you chose, you will acquire your favorites for future use.

ACTIVATOR PB304 (aerosol) OR PB303 (non-aerosol):
These are used whenever you want an instant cure or hardening of your adhesives.  We don't recommend that you use it with the Penetrant Stabilizer, though. It can cause the stabilizer to cure too quickly, creating heat and bubbling, something you don't want. It allows for instant handling of your specimens.  Dont' overspray.  A little starts the chemical reaction for the adhesive to cure.  Using too much is just a waste of activator.

There are special techniques for using the activator where quick assembly is desired.  Just call our technical hub at 612-840-7139 and speak with Bill.

This was designed to take adhesive off your fingers.  No more picking the stuff off, this just dissolves it with ease. 

In the field we often want to hold something together prior to the final laboratory preparation.  We often have dirty, out of alignment fossil parts that need a light bond to preserve integrity from field to lab.  PB4417 adhesive can be air scribed or air abraded away as you are preparing the specimen for permanent restoration.  It also comes in handy when you need a weak bond on a mineral or cab setting, as the bond can be easily broken at only 300 psi strength.

Our Paleo Poxy is a two part epoxy that cures in one hour. 

Plastic extension tips are included, both microtips for thinner adhesives and stiff tips for thicker adhesives.  These attach to the tip of the internal part of the pinhead cap allowing precise placement of any of the adhesives or Penetrant Stabilizer.

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