Here’s what comes with your “Getting Started Kit” for your initial work in controlling corrosion in meteorites.
VpCI 426 Liquid Acid 4 oz.
VpCI 426 Gel Acid 4 oz.
VpCI 416 Acid Neutralizer (concentrate) 4 oz.
FCES Ferric Chloride 35% 4 oz.
VpCI M435 Anti Corrosion Additive (concentrate) 4 oz.
    (A rust preventative for sawing and grinding solutions)
VpCI 286 Clear Coating Protective  Aerosol 12 oz.
Nylon Scrub Brush                         Acid Application Brush
Pipette Applicator                           Polyethylene Cups
VpCI126  Zip Lock Bags                  3M Scotch Brite Pad
VpCI101  Emitter 3’ X 1 ¼”


Corrosion and Iron Meteorites = RUST

“NANTAN” is synonymous with rust, corrosion and a deteriorating meteorite.  It has earned a very bad reputation as an “instant ruster” with little hope for a cure.  No serious collector wants to own a constantly deteriorating specimen.

The list of other rusting irons is well known.  Now there is a solution to this age old problem.  A new technology prevents ionic vapor phase corrosion by providing a monomolecular protective film layer bonded to the meteorite surface.  When you stop vapor moisture transmission to a substrate, you stop its ability to corrode.

From the PaleoBOND research laboratory comes a technology developed with rusting meteorites in mind.  Working in cooperation with Cortec Corporation, which developed anti-corrosion systems for the military, we are able to stop cold the corrosion of the iron meteorites in your collection.

The specially developed “Meteorite Getting Started Kit” will permit you to de-rust an iron meteorite in your own shop.  Then coat it to prevent corrosion.  If you should chose not to coat your specimen, we have emitters that will stop rust in your display cases.