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PB4418 is a special fossil consolidate that was designed to be used in the case of a fossil that is of good quality but incased in very hard matrix and having an interior of soft, punky,vascular bone structure, like some Tyrannosaurid bone material. PB4418 was developed to fill in and stabilize the interior of the bone.  
Gently drill a 1/4” hole through the matrix into the fossil interior. Then, pour the PB4418 into the bone coavity. A secondary vent hole will assure complete filling.  PB4418 can also be applied to any open, exposed interior bone through visible cracks or gaps to maximize penetration by the consolidant. Later, in the lab, these fossil parts can be cleaned and carefully reassembled. PB4418 is a LOW strength penetrant stabilizer that was designed to cure slowly without any exothermic reaction so as to prevent heat cracking. Shrinkage is less than 1%.

PB4418 is a REVERSIBLE adhesive.  It can be mechanically removed using an air scribe or air abrasive blaster when back in the lab. 

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pre-prep field consolidant


There are times when we wish our original Penetrant Stabilizer wasn’t so darn strong.  If you have gotten dirt on the bone and are applying PB002 to it, you’ve just bonded the dirt as well.  Also, if you have to realign a damaged area, then you have to fight with the very strong, tough adhesive bond if you used PB002.  

We have made a low strength and fragile penetrating stabilizer PB4417 that can be mechanically removed with an air scribe or micro sandblaster.  After a number of years of field trials, PB4417 has proven worthy to join the PaleoBOND family.  We often have dirty, out of alignment fossil parts that need a light bond to preserve integrity from field to lab. Just use it in the field in place of PB002 if you want to hold something together prior to the final laboratory preparation and remove it in the lab with an air scribe or air abrasion before you continue with aligning and repairing your specimen for permanent restoration.  

PB4417 is a REVERSIBLE adhesive.  It can be mechanically removed using an air scribe or air abrasive blaster when back in the lab.

how to apply

penetrant stabilizer

Attach a microtip to the 2 oz. bottle.
Allow the Penetrant Stabilizer to flow slowly into the microtip using gravity.

Do not squeeze the bottle!
Place the microtip at the location of a crack or opening in your fossil or mineral.  
   The Penetrant Stabilizer will begin to flow                into the cracks.  You can keep applying  the  PB002 as long as the material continues to absorb it. 

The PB002 will  immediately start to harden from the inside out.  

penetrant stabilizer


This is the workhorse of the PaleoBOND family.  

Penetrant Stabilizer acts as a PRIMER for all other PaleoBOND adhesives to achieve maximum bond strength.  With a very low viscosity of almost zero, it penetrates deep into the vascular system of a fossil bone, mineral, petrified wood or other substrate.

PB002 fills micro cracks by capillary action, flowing into the narrow spaces and pores of a fossil, mineral, etc. stabilizing and strengthening the entire specimen upon hardening.  Penetrant Stabilizer captures punky, weak fossil, wood or mineral material and hardens it in minutes.  This product will become your favorite adhesive tool!

The internal and external condition of a fossil bone surface or mineral cache can be a frustrating challenge.  Mother Nature kind of ignored the quality of preservation on some of the fossils and minerals and we have to try and correct her failings.  PB002 just may become your best tool out in the field.  It hardens the fragile remains in-situ so you can remove the fossil or mineral without further damage.  If you have any Pyrite disease, just squirt in the PB002 to stop any further oxidation.